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Lip Reshaping

Q: What exactly is Lip Reshaping?

Lips are an essential part in the Face Profile of a person. There is a definite proportion among the parts such as the forehead, nose tip, lips and chin that is optimum. If the lips size is disproportionate, it can be restored to the correct size and restore balance to the face. If Lips are small, they can be increased in size by augmentation using filler material, fat injections or implants. If the lips are large in size, they can be decreased by reduction surgery to make them proportionate.

Q: What is lip augmentation (enlargement)?

Lip Augmentation is a technique to increase the size of the lips and enhance their appearance. This surgical procedure can change flat, average looking lips into luscious, full lips that appear to be the epitome of youth and sensuality as seen in the picture below.

An additional benefit is in the reduction of the fine lines around the mouth as a result of the increase in the lip size.

Q: What are the techniques of Lip enlargement?

Filler injection: this involves injection into the lips of a synthetic paste like substance that is well tolerated by the body. This is a fairly simple procedure done under local anaesthesia. The lip is massaged at the end to ensure even distribution of the material and a cold compress or ice pack is used to minimize the swelling.

The downside is that the material may dissolve over a few months, needing a repeat procedure.
Fat Injection: this involves injecting the patient's own fat (taken from elsewhere by aspiration into a syringe) into the lips. The fat that gets taken up finally stays permanently, giving a stable result. Use of this natural material also avoids the cost involved in using the artificial filler material. The downside is that uniform injection is slightly difficult to achieve; also about one-third of the injected fat is know to get absorbed-a repeat procedure may be needed or overcorrection in the first instance is needed.

Lip Implant: this involves placing permanent artificial ribbon-like material (Implant) into tunnels created in the lips from openings made near the corner (angle) of the mouth. Once the implant is smoothly adjusted, the openings are closed. Since the procedure is more invasive, the recovery time is slightly time is greater than the previous two alternatives.

Q: What are the common reasons for which a lip augmentation is done?

  • to have Plumper Lips-gives better pout
  • to contour the Lips-when the two lips do not match each other.
  • to obtain a more youthful looking mouth
  • to decrease of eliminate wrinkles around the mouth
  • to look younger- having full and supple lips is a sign of youth
  • to eliminate thin lips
  • to correct injury to the lips- previous injury causing lips shape loss qualifies as a Reconstructive surgery procedure with possible insurance cover.
  • to correct lip problems resulting from a Cleft Lip-Palate problem- this gives the lips a more balanced appearance and removes stigma arising from the birth problem

Q: What are the cosmetic and health benefits of a Lip Augmentation?

Cosmetic benefits include the obvious benefits of balanced, attractive lips.
Other health benefits, though indirect, include a decrease in the risk of Depression Illness. People with Depression have a higher risk of Cardiovascular Diseases, stroke and high Blood Pressure. Also, the procedure has an overall positive impact on your health by making you more likely to exercise.

Q: How is the recovery after the procedure?

Bruising and Swelling is very common after the procedure. How much occurs in a given person is extremely variable and depends on a number of factors which is diffuct to estimate in advance. One way to minimize this swelling is to apply Arnica Gel to the lips and surrounding areas from a few days before the procedure.
After the procedure, ice packs or cold compress is to be applied to the lips. Reduce the amount of chewing by sticking to liquid or soft food.
Things to avoid include excess smiling. Anything that significantly moves the lips can put pressure on them and cause pain or slow down healing. Exercise, bending over or laughing or any other strenuous activity is to be avoided for initial few days. Avoid sleeping on your stomach for at least 2 weeks.

Q: What is lips reduction surgery?

Correction of oversized lips by reducing their size is called Lip Reduction Surgery.

Q: What are the problems due to large lips?

Large lips, especially lower lips, cause extreme embarrassment to the extent of looking repulsive and ugly. This can severely affect the individual's personality making him reluctant to interact with others.
Corrective surgery can restore the balance to the face, make the face look attractive and restore the self confidence to the person-this is usually reflected as significant improvement in the individual's personal and professional life.

Q: How is the procedure done?

This is a surgery usually done under General Anaesthesia. By placing concealed incisions on the inner side of the lips, tissue from inside the lips is cut and removed, along with some lip mucosa(inner lining) - on closing the wound, the lips become smaller and are pulled inside as well

Q: What is the long term outcome after the surgery?

Both lip Reduction and Augmentation are delicate procedures that make a dramatic difference to the balance to the person's face, restore self-confidence and have a positive impact on their life.

Visits to the surgeon as specified will keep your recover smooth.
It will also help clarify all your remaining doubts if any.
Photos of the surgery result will be taken when appropriate.


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